3 Affordable and Impactful Trade Show Booth Ideas

If you are new to trade shows, or have a small budget but still want to make a positive impression, here are 3 simple, easy set ups that will help you feel comfortable when the show opens.

1. A seasoned exhibitor will tell you the one thing that drives them nuts about trade shows is the high price of “Material Handling Fees” – that is the service the show provides to move your materials from the loading dock to your exhibit space on the show floor. Many times you could ship a pallet back and forth across the country for less than what the show charges for Material Handling Fee (also known as “Drayage”). This fee is typically based on “CWT” so the weight of your materials is rounded up to the next 100lbs. For example, if your materials weigh 102lbs, they will bill you 200lbs. For this reason, a smart exhibitor always takes the weight of their displays and product samples into consideration.

a. One way to keep weight down is to use “Inflatables” – there are some really neat ones out there! You can create pedestals, benches, storage counters, reception desks. Most of them can be customized with your branding and artwork to create a high impact booth.

2. Speaking of branding, this is THE most important aspect of your booth! You only have a few seconds to catch an attendees’ attention, you want to make sure they know who you are quickly and create an impression that lasts. If you have a table you are displaying your product samples, a branded table cloth is a must! A quality one will cost you about $200. You can do a banner stand with key bullet points and a graphic wall with your logo and artwork to create an impression that is on brand.

3. Rounding out the third most important aspect of your trade show booth: your products! The whole reason you are at the show is to show off what you do and what separates you from your competition. You want to be able to show attendees what you have to offer. If you are there to attract distributors, you probably want to set up a wall that mimics a mini store wall set up. The most versatile way to show of product samples is with “slat wall” as you can add hooks, brackets, shelves etc. However, slat wall can be very heavy and packs in huge wooden crates and requires show labor to put together. Luckily, there are some really ingenious new slat wall options in 2019. The lightest, most affordable and customizable option is called Snap Panel, made from a textured plastic. You can add artwork and logos to create branding and a striking impression. Even if you are on a skinny budget, there’s no reason to have a hokey booth! With a littleresearch and creativity you can have a booth that will create an attractive, positive impression.