Trade Show Booth Furniture Tips

When it comes to exhibiting at Las Vegas conventions and trade shows, there are many booth furniture rentals options to consider.  Your trade show booth furniture says a lot about your company and the clients you serve. Do you want to portray a conservative business? A trend setting, contemporary, forward thinking organization? How do you want your customers, potential clients, competitors to view your company? What do other competitors and other event attendees think about your business?

While looks count, having super-hot looking booth furniture may not equal comfort. For example, having futuristic furniture for your new product launch at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) or National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) will quickly miss the mark if the furniture is uncomfortable.

You also want to be sure your trade show booth furniture will fit in your booth space. If you have a 10Ă—10 booth, you’ll be limited to how much furniture you can get into your booth space. Don’t make it difficult for attendees to manoeuvre throughout the booth or meeting area. With a smaller booth consider smaller furniture. Round tables are easier to walk around than square tables. Glass tables will appear to take up less space than solid top tables.

There are several other considerations when it comes to deciding on furnishing for you Las Vegas convention, corporate meeting trade show booth furniture.

The first option is to bring your own furniture. Pack and ship with your exhibit. In theory, this seems like a good idea, but during shipping furniture usually gets beat up. The cost of shipping these bulky items can quickly add up. Most exhibitors who attempt to ship their furniture regret it.

The next option is to rent furniture from the event’s General Service Contractors. Companies like Freeman and GES rent furniture. The GSCs rent basic convention furniture including draped tables, stacking chairs and a few round table options. These items, while functional, probably have some wear and tear. Don’t expect the GSC to offer any updated designs. Basic and functional is what you’ll find.  Most exhibitors still rent their trades show booth furniture from the GSC, therefor most of the rental furniture looks the same throughout the exhibit hall.

The best option is renting furniture from a convention rental furniture provider. These companies rent furniture designed specifically for trade shows and events. The furniture is smaller scale to save space. These specialty furniture rental companies have stylish and contemporary furniture and update their inventory on a regular basis. These companies offer much better options than what is available through the trade show’s general service contractor.

Penn & Teller rents chairs for their of their TV show “Fool Us”

If you are using an exhibit company to install and dismantle your display you may ask for vendor recommendations. Keep in mind, many exhibit houses rent furniture as a third party and re-rent it to the exhibitor at a higher price. You are usually better off renting your furniture on your own. You’ll gain control of the items you choose and will untimely save money.

Here are a few items to consider for your event, meeting, convention or trade show booth furniture.

Meeting Areas. Having tables and chairs is very common. If the space allows, you could also create an informal lounge type setting with sofas and loveseats. Regardless of the type of furniture, meeting areas allow you to forge new or strengthen business relationships.

Always keep in mind that there are two common heights for meeting tables – cafe height (which is 30″ high) and bar height (which is 42″high). Always be sure your table and chair heights match. For example, if ordering bar height tables, be sure to order stools, not chairs.

Since bar height tables are taller, this allows seated people to remain at eye level with those folks standing in the booth. Choosing cafe or bar height is dependent on how you utilize your booth space.

Counters are another popular way to meet and greet attendees.  Counters come in a variety of styles. Some offer storage options. Counters often do not require seating or stools, as people remain standing during the conversation. This is a perfect solution for smaller 10’x10′ and 10’x20′ booth spaces. If you are looking at renting a counter, you may want to consider using a bar as a counter. Bars are the same height as a counter, but bars can be more stylish. Bars come in different shapes, a variety of colors and can be combined to make a sectional-like counter.

NEW! PowerUp Options
– Mobile Device Charging Stations in Trade Show Booth Furniture

PowerUp furniture allows attendees to charge their mobile devices and can be rented from

Want to really stand out and make an impression on the trade show exhibit floor? Vegas Event Furniture now offers furniture with our “PowerUp” feature which allows attendees to charge their mobile devices while sitting or standing in your event or in your trade show booth.

Many convention rental display furniture vendors also offer items like conference tables, desks, office chairs, shelving units, end tables, lamps, traffic control stanchions and other furniture accessories.

There are several ways to order trade show furniture. Most vendors have a web site with images of items available for rent. Many of these web site are not updated. Some web sites list rental prices others do not. Most rental furniture companies  require you to call to get a rental furniture estimate. Prices can fluctuate depending on the trade show, exhibit hall, delivery day, show dates, pick up dates, booth location, and other details about the trade show, convention or event. You’ll discuss the items you want to rent followed by an upsell sales pitch. In a day or two you’ll get an rental furniture estimated emailed to you. (VEF) simplifies the convention rental furniture ordering process. Vegas Event Furniture  believes the exhibitor should have more control of the sales process.  Clients can review furniture items online. Customers can see sizes, colors, weight and other details. Customers add the items to their online shopping cart and can checkout online. There is not need speaking to a sales person prior to placing your order.  Upon checkout, the client is prompted to answer questions regarding the trade show or convention name. Customers add event dates, booth number, meeting room, etc.  Placing a rental furniture order is fast and easy. Vegas Event Furniture does not charge sales tax. Shipping is FREE to any Las Vegas trade show, convention, corporate meeting or event.

Customers with questions can always call Vegas Event Furniture during normal business hours

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